Future of the Church: when will “bio-evangelization” take place?

Thank you for your many articles on abuse in the Church, which I read with great attention. By informing us, they train us and protect us. I note that one thing that prevents us from seeing, and if we see, from denouncing the systems of manipulation and abuse present at this time in the Church, is the obsession with the fruits borne. Over the past two years, each time I have criticized a situation that seemed abusive to my friends, parishioners, religious or relatives, I was told: “But it is bearing fruit. “ We tolerate or deny depending on the situation, because “It bears fruit”.

Isn’t there a question of integral ecology? Worried about the future of the Church, are we not doing intensive “spiri-cultivation”? Religious capitalism? Isn’t our Catholic collective unconscious trying to save at all costs systems that bear a lot of visible fruit ensuring the survival of the clan, even if it means closing our eyes to the excesses? A community will be judged by the number of conversions, the quantified and rapid growth of its parish, the rejuvenation of the assembly, the multiplication of baptisms, the blossoming of its foundations: so many flashy fruits …

In the market, among the beautiful fruits to look at, among the fruits that make you want, there are rotten fruits inside or tasteless fruits or fruits that are good in the mouth but without nutrients and loaded with pesticides. There are also beautifully colored fruits on the stalls that leave behind a dead tree and scorched earth. Many are those who, after switching to organic and seasonal fruits, often damaged, often ugly, often small, have rediscovered the taste of the fruit and experienced a new satiety. Of course, organic fruits are more expensive because they are less numerous, longer and more expensive to grow. Ecological conversion teaches us that to respect the land, we must agree to produce less, less quickly and of better quality – and the price of this effort is “sustainable development”. When will bio-evangelization take place? When will we see “sustainable fertility”? When will we stop judging the tree by the appearance of the fruit? Decidedly, everything is linked.

Nadja Bailly


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