Gaza: NGO Human Rights Watch accuses Palestinian armed groups of “war crimes”

End of July, HRW had already accused Israel from “alleged war crimes” for three airstrikes, in particular. In a new report, the organization denounces rocket fire from Gaza into Israeli residential areas.

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Some Palestinian armed groups in the Gaza Strip have committed “war crimes”, says Human Rights Watch (HRW), Thursday, August 12. The NGO denounced in a press release (in English) rocket fire at residential areas in Israel last spring. “The rockets and shells that the Palestinian armed groups have fired do not have guidance systems (…) which makes them very imprecise and therefore inherently discriminatory when fired in the direction of areas where there are civilians..

The NGO adds that these shots made a “undetermined number” victims even inside the Gaza Strip, an overcrowded Palestinian territory under Israeli blockade. “Failure by Hamas authorities and the Israeli government to hold their forces accountable for alleged war crimes underscores the importance of the role of the International Criminal Court (ICC)”, said Eric Goldstein, director of the Middle East region at HRW.

From May 10 to 21, during the war between the Jewish state and armed groups in Gaza – including the ruling Hamas – 260 Palestinians were killed by Israeli strikes on the enclave, including fighters, according to reports. local authorities. In Israel, rocket fire from Gaza killed 13 people, including a soldier, according to police and military.

Earlier this year, the ICC had already announced (in English) have opened an investigation into alleged crimes committed by Israel in the Palestinian Territories since 2014, an initiative rejected by the Jewish state but welcomed by the Palestinians.

At the end of July, HRW had already accused Hamas and Israel of “alleged war crimes”. The Palestinian movement had assured to strive “to avoid targeting civilians” and Israeli diplomacy had called NGO researchers “propagandists posing as human rights defenders [qui] do not deserve to be taken seriously “.

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