Generalized burnout among emergency workers after Covid-19

A global study shows that more than 60% suffer from at least one symptom of burnout.

This is “one of the alarming results of past inaction”throw the Dr Abdo Khoury, emergency doctor at the Besançon University Hospital and president of the European Society for Emergency Medicine (Eusem), in an editorial published Friday in the journal of the learned society, European Journal of Emergency Medicine. Two figures sum up his concern: 62% of emergency specialists show at least one sign of burnout, and 31% show two, according to a study carried out in 89 countries by three Swiss, Spanish and Turkish emergency doctors, published in the journal on the occasion of the world day of emergency medicine. The level of burnout was assessed according to the 3 criteria of the Maslach Burnout Inventory, a scale developed in the 1990s by the American psychologist Christina Maslach: depersonalization (persistent or recurrent feeling of detachment from one’s own body or mental processes), emotional exhaustion and lack of personal fulfillment.

Between mid-January…

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