German Christian Democrat candidate Armin Laschet under pressure

Angela Merkel is very discreet in the current election campaign. Officially, the chancellor, member of the Christian Democratic Party (CDU) wishes to focus on his end of mandate and make way for his succession. However, faced with the weakness of her camp, she was forced to change her strategy.

This Saturday, Angela Merkel participates in a meeting in Berlin to support her weakened foal, Armin Laschet. She said to herself “Deeply convinced” by the candidacy of Laschet to succeed him. Because the candidate for chancellery for the Christian Democratic camp (CDU / CSU) is in bad shape. If his party remains in the lead in voting intentions, it continues to drop, to 22% of voting intentions. Far from the 30% targeted and only one point ahead of the Social Democrats. As for Armin Laschet’s personal popularity rating, it is in free fall.


The person concerned refuses to comment officially on the polls. But in his camp, the tension mounts. “My feeling is that many voters still do not really know who to turn the country to after Angela Merkel”, recently summed up MEP Marco Wanderwitz. It is indeed difficult to come after the Chancellor, known for her ability to manage crises.

Armin Laschet bitterly demonstrated this in July during the floods that hit the west of the country. Armin Laschet was pictured bursting into laughter during a visit to the scene by Head of State Frank-Walter Steinmeier. A photo with catastrophic consequences for a candidate for the chancellery.

“With the floods, Armin Laschet had an opportunity to be active and present on the ground. But with this photo, he ruined everything, unlike Gerhard Schröder in 2002 ”, comments Tilman Mayer from the University of Bonn. The former social democratic chancellor at the time had succeeded in getting re-elected thanks to his good management of the deadly floods of the Elbe.

Tumble in the polls

From there to saying that Armin Laschet was the wrong candidate for the chancellery, it is only a step that some take, especially within the sister party of the CSU. “The great disappointment which surrounded the choice of the candidate for the chancellery is reflected today in the polls”, sanctions Markus Blume, general secretary of the Christian Social Party. He himself had supported the candidacy of his boss, Markus Söder, Minister President of Bavaria.

Markus Söder, who is worried and fears that such a tumble in the polls could pave the way for the formation of a government coalition without the participation of the conservatives. A nightmare for the CDU / CSU after sixteen years of continuous rule.

The participation of the very popular Chancellor, and Markus Söder, this Saturday alongside Armin Laschet, will she reverse the trend? Political scientist Tilman Meyer is unconvinced. “The situation is dramatic for Armin Laschet. It does not create any spark among voters. The Chancellor’s support will not be able to make people forget her weaknesses ”, he notes. “It is in this difficult context that postal voting has just started. It is not very favorable. “


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