Germany: an explosion at a waste treatment site causes significant smoke development and injures several

“At least two employees” were “seriously” injured and “five employees are currently missing”, according to Currenta company.

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Residents of the city of Leverkusen, in western Germany, are urged to remain caulked on Tuesday, July 27, after an explosion of unknown origin at a waste treatment site that left two seriously injured and resulted in a significant smoke development. The explosion, followed by a localized fire, occurred around 9.40 a.m., injuring “several employees, at least two of them seriously”, explains in a press release the company Currenta, which manages the site including a waste storage center and an incinerator. “Five employees are currently missing”, specifies the press release.

“The inhabitants of Leverkusen are asked to go to closed rooms, to turn off the air conditioning and, as a precaution, to keep windows and doors closed”, adds the company, a former subsidiary of the chemicals giant Bayer.

The event was classified as “extreme danger” by the national disaster alert application Nina. The storage site and the incineration plant are located on the edge of an industrial park bringing together companies in the chemical sector, one of the largest of its kind in Europe, on the outskirts of Leverkusen (North Rhine -Westphalia).

Leverkusen has a little over 160,000 inhabitants and is located about twenty kilometers from Cologne. The call for preventive insulation in the face of the release of smoke was also relayed by the police services and local authorities. Air quality measurements show that there is currently no “no danger” for the population of Cologne, assure on Twitter the firefighters of this metropolis of more than one million inhabitants.

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