Ginger causes many problems, but it can also cause harm in these conditions, learn

Ginger is a common treatment for nausea and stomach upset. There is evidence of him being helpful. In lab and animal research, ginger has been found to theoretically reduce inflammation, blood sugar, cholesterol, protect against Alzheimer’s disease and prevent blood clotting. Human testing has provided evidence that ginger can help reduce blood sugar and blood pressure. However, it can also have side-effects in certain situations.

Medication can react with ginger

Certain types of medicines may react badly with ginger. Ginger is very suitable for controlling diabetes and high blood pressure without medication. It has a natural tendency to reduce blood sugar levels. But, for those using insulin injection or metformin as a medicine for diabetes, it may reduce the effectiveness of prescription. If you are using the medicine, always consult the doctor about the quantity. Otherwise, your blood sugar level can go down a lot.

Danger of ginger during pregnancy

But pregnant women should beware of ginger. Some experts worry that it may increase the risk of miscarriage, especially at very high doses. There is a case for debate on continuing ginger intake for pregnant women as the extent of danger has not been fixed. One argument is that ginger affects the sex hormones of the fetus, while another category says that it is identified as increasing bleeding. Therefore, it is claimed that ginger should be avoided at the time of delivery. However, none of those claims have been verified yet. It would be fair to say that there is some doubt on the use of ginger during pregnancy. It is better to get guidance from your doctor in this regard.

Effect of ginger with medicines

Hypertension-controlled medications, when combined with ginger, can severely reduce heart rate and blood pressure levels. Even this can cause medical complication such as irregular heartbeat. Always consult your doctor for the amount of ginger used. Your doctor will make the necessary adjustments according to your prescription or tell that you have to avoid the whole ginger.

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