Girls are judged because of affair, adopt a cool attitude like Ananya Pandey

Relationship Judgment Of Girls: Being in love, heartbreak are all common things. This moment comes in the life of every boy and girl. But many times the boy and the girl are also judged on the basis of this. However, a special difference is also seen between judging the two. While it is easy for boys to move on even after being judged, it becomes the basis for girls to judge their character. Actress Ananya Pandey has passed through this situation. Ananya Pandey admitted in an interview that she had been in many relationships during her school time, but these were of short duration. In such a situation, they should not be judged on them. The actress had said that such relationships come in everyone’s life, which do not last long. He said that he is in love with the feeling of being in love. At the same time, the actress emphasized that a person who wants to be honest in a relationship, nothing can force him to cheat.

having a boyfriend can cause gossip
Girls cannot be judged just because they are already in a relationship. Even today, those girls are seen in a negative light, who either have boyfriends or who decide to live in live-in. This remains the subject of gossip. In both these situations, when a boy is a boy, he is not targeted in the same way as a girl is made. In such a situation, every girl should adopt a cool attitude like Ananya Pandey.

problems in marriage
On the basis of the old relationship, the relationship of many girls also breaks up. People around him start judging him. Even today, there are many such boys who want a partner who does not already have any relationship experience. This is the reason that in most marriages, the woman always believes in keeping her past hidden.

look with suspicion
If you have such a relationship or if you are in a relationship with someone who suspects you just because you have more experience in the relationship than him, then it is better that the relationship turns into toxic. Get away before you happen. When there is only doubt instead of trust in a relationship, then leaving it is the best option.

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