“Global security” law: thousands of demonstrators in several cities in France

While the National Assembly adopted in first reading Friday, November 20 article 24 of the proposed law “global security” penalizing the dissemination of images of the police, several demonstrations are taking place this Saturday in France, in the appeal in particular of journalists’ unions who denounce a “attack on freedom of expression” and to “Right wing state”.


In Paris, thousands of people have been meeting at the Trocadéro since 2:30 p.m. On videos posted by the SNJ, the SDJ of France 3 or the League of Human Rights, we can see the human rights square cordoned off and barricaded by the police who search the bags and operate identity checks.

Lawyer Arié Alimi denounces the absence of a judicial requisition allowing these searches. Member of the Human Rights League, he says he is worried about “slow decline of the rule of law”.

On Twitter, the Paris Police Prefecture specifies that it is possible to access the demonstration by all axes of the Place du Trocadéro but that it is only possible to leave it by the avenue Georges Mandel as well as by all metro exits. “Everyone wants to film the police”, chant the demonstrators. Elected officials from the left express their participation in the rally. Members of the SNJ and journalists from Mediapart are also present.


Several thousand people demonstrate in Toulouse against the security law but also against the health policy of the government, details France Bleu Occitanie. Two years after their very first mobilization, the yellow vests are numerous in the procession of Toulouse.

In Montpellier, the Hérault prefecture counted 1,300 people according to France Bleu Hérault. The modified version of the text does not reassure the demonstrators for whom “only five words have been added”. They fear that they will no longer be able to denounce police violence.


In Lille, nearly a thousand people gathered on the Place de la République, at the call of the League of Human Rights. Among the slogans reported by France Bleu Nord, we can remember the signs “Don’t kid yourself with us”, “Violence everywhere, images nowhere”, or “Covid 1984”. Elected officials from the left (LFI, PS, PCF, EELV), associations (Amnesty International, Extinction rébellion, La Cimade), but also the national union of journalists or the Hauts-de-France press club were seen in the procession.

Great East

In Nancy, 500 people gathered at the call of a citizen collective, reports France Bleu Sud Lorraine. The police used tear gas to prevent demonstrators from approaching Place Stanislas.


A hundred people demonstrate in Auxerre, in the city center, according to France Bleu Auxerre. Unions, “yellow vests” and journalists make up the procession.

New Aquitaine

In Limoges, 300 to 400 people, including journalists from France 3, gathered in front of the Haute-Vienne prefecture. “Without this right to film, there would have been no Benalla affair“, recalls a protester.

In Bayonne, several hundred people gathered. Among them, members of La France insoumise, Attac or even Amnesty, reports France Bleu Pays basque.

300 people gathered in front of the tree of freedom in Périgueux at the call of the League of Human Rights, according to France Bleu Périgord.


In Rennes, hundreds of people responded to the appeal of the Brittany press club. On Twitter, France Bleu Armorique reported a face to face between the police and a majority of students rue Jean Jaurès, with tear gas jets.


In Clermont-Ferrand, the demonstration against the proposed law “global security” gathered more than a hundred people in front of the prefecture of Puy-de-Dôme, according to France Bleu Pays d’Auvergne.

According to France Bleu Saint-Etienne Loire, several hundred people are gathered at Place Jean Jaurès, in Saint-Etienne.

300 people gathered in front of the prefecture of Annecy at the call of several associations and collectives, noted France Bleu Pays de Savoie.

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