God’s Pleasure

In the kitchen, where the cat purrs, it smells of African spices and pot-au-feu. In the dining room, in front of the fireplace, after dinner, we play small horses. What bursts of laughter! Meet Sylviane, Christine, Sylvie and Paulette. They are deaconesses, that is to say Protestant nuns. They consecrated themselves to God within the Moria fraternity, founded near Nevers in 1962 and long supported by the Charismatic Renewal.

They have been foster families for countless children in great difficulty, often severely handicapped, entrusted by child welfare services. They have even legally adopted some of them, so that currently, at 70, some are not only mothers but also grandmothers… Their founder, Nicole, now deceased like another sister Renée, worked for a long time among prisoners and those released from prison.

But their consecrated life was not a long calm river. When a car mows down one of their teenagers, taking his frail life, the whole community falters and gets back on its feet. Today, they are foster families for unaccompanied foreign minors. As luck would have it, among the young people welcomed, the first was Catholic, and the following Muslims for the boys, and Evangelicals for the girls.

In the entry, this very simple profession of faith: “Here, says God, is what I delight in: share your bread with the hungry and bring the poor homeless into your house. If you see a naked man, cover him; and do not turn away from your fellow man. » It was what I believed in until I met the Sisters of Moria. I believe in it, but they live it. As I know, I too, following their example, “realize the pleasure of God”.


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