Golden Globs 2021: A joke made by Daniel Kaluya, giving a winning speech on mute

Hollywood’s famous and popular award show Golden Globe Awards 2021 was held on 28 February. Everyone is waiting for this award function. This time it was somewhat different as the award function was kept virtual. This decision was taken by the organizers due to Corona virus and this time the same thing happened in the award function which is often on a zoom call. Actually on the call call, actor Daniel Kalooya forgot to unmute himself.

Daniel Kaluya received the Best Supporting Actor Award for his portrayal of Judas and the Black Panther Party Leader in The Black Messiah at the 78th Golden Globe Awards. This was the first award of this ceremony which was first announced. Daniel then begins his winning speech but forgets to unmute himself. However Daniel soon realizes his mistake and unmutes himself.
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However, on this speech of Daniel, people started enjoying a lot on Twitter. People made a lot of fun at having a virtual award ceremony. See, some comments from people:


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