Good Morning: Take the name of the Lord early in the morning, all the bad things will be done

Motivational Quotes In Hindi: It is said in the scriptures that when something has a good beginning, it also has a good ending. Therefore, while starting the day, one should always keep these things in mind-

Remembrance of God One should wake up in the morning and remember God. Those who start the day by taking the name of God, they remain full of positive energy throughout the day. Positive energy has special importance in the success of life. Positive energy provides immense success in life. The grace of Lakshmi ji, the goddess of wealth, remains on such people.

Blessings of parents- It has been told in the scriptures that one who wakes up in the morning touches the feet of his parents and receives blessings. God’s grace also remains on him. Such people are full of enthusiasm throughout the day and are free from fear of the unknown.

Give thanks to them- One should wake up in the morning and express gratitude to nature. Life comes from nature. Along with this, gratitude should also be expressed to the ancestors. Those who show respect and gratitude to nature and ancestors get both success and respect in life. The grace of Lakshmi ji showers on such people.

Do one noble deed every day- Chanakya Niti says that a person who does a noble deed every day, gets everyone’s affection. The confidence of such people is of a high order. Such persons are satisfied. Their mind remains calm. Such people remain free from diseases and disorders. They play an important role in giving new direction to the nation.

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