Great villa in Greece can be your office for 30 days! Will not pay the amount – know how

It was also to see the digital nomads in many new trends in 2020. These people were working away from different parts of the world. Due to the travel ban and most countries being in lockdown, people had to work from home. The monotony associated with this forced many countries and tourist bases to open their doors once again, so that those who meet the deadlines can get a chance to change the scene.

Do you want to eliminate the boredom of working from home?

Certainly there are many protocols still in place in the world, including testing. Its purpose is to ensure that no person is infected and therefore there may be a risk of spreading the virus in the local population. It is learned that like many countries of the world, the opportunity to work while away from home is getting in Greece.

Getting a chance to spend a month in Greece for free

According to the report, CV Villa in Corfu, Greece, has announced a match. The lucky couple winning the match will have to spend a month in the villa for free. It has been told in the social media post that the team is looking for two people who are struggling with connectivity problems and work-home home set-up. Both selected people will be treated with luxury and fast wifi connection.

Apart from this, the company will also bear the cost of flight from Gatewick Airport in the UK for a free stay. On the official website, it has been told that the 5-form villa has been decorated in a luxurious way for the convenience of work. The villa has an attractive outdoor area that is perfect for working.

The sunlight around the bridge offers a different view. The deck is housed with a hot tub in which you can relax. To take advantage of the opportunity, you have to give your complete information on a form. You must also explain why you should win the opportunity to work from the villa for a month? The date of stay is kept between 15 April and 3 May 2021.

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