Greeks demonstrate against the return of the far right

The videos have been touring the internet for several days. On the first, we see a group of young people dressed in black attacking high school students distributing leaflets in front of their school. In the second, hooded men in black beat up a fallen anti-fascist activist, whose association, KEERFA, was a prosecution witness in the trial which led to the conviction of the Greek neo-Nazi party, Golden Dawn. Other assaults followed with several injuries.

A clear message

Each time, these attacks were perfectly orchestrated by a man, older than the attackers, directing the operations, designating the victims, ending the operation with a word clearly heard by the witnesses “Telos”, which means ” end “. “These are assault sections. The operating mode leaves no doubt “, underlines Thanssasis Kambagiannis, lawyer of the civil party of the historic lawsuit against the Nazi formation. “We thought it would take a while for Golden Dawn to reorganize, but it caught us off guard. “

All the press notes that the calendar of these attacks, barely a year, to the day after the anniversary date of the conviction of Golden Dawn as a criminal organization, on October 7, is a very clear message: ” We are always here. ” Moreover, the slogan of these assault sections, heard by witnesses, is also very significant: “We will come back and the earth will shake. “

The minors who were among the attackers were heard by the judge but released a few hours later. The adult at the head of these attacks, a former member of Golden Dawn, was sentenced to 38 months in prison. He is now at large.

“The authorities are not up to the task”

For Kostas Papadakis, also a lawyer for the civil party, this leniency towards this leader who sports Nazi tattoos is most dangerous: “The authorities are not up to the task. We will still have deaths. It’s a question of time. “ And this tenor of the bar shouts the evidence of this carelessness: “The sentences against Golden Dawn were less than those which could have been pronounced, 13 years and 8 months for the heaviest sentences whereas they could have taken 15 years. “

“The authorities delayed taking the steps for the extradition of MEP Yiannis Lagos who fled, the lawyer continues. It was not the police who arrested the last hidden Golden Dawn deputy, Christos Papas. He surrendered on his own after 10 months on the run. And let’s not forget that 49 seconds after the verdict was announced last year, police unnecessarily charged tens of thousands of protesters gathered in court. Too many to be mere coincidences. “

Especially since, explains for his part the political scientist Ilias Nikolakopoulos, ” during the last ministerial reshuffle, the far-right ministers, already present in the government, took the lead for decisive positions: Public Order, Investment and another, notorious anti-Semite, racist, Thanos Plevris, entered the key post of Health “.

Note that the latter’s father, a revisionist, was the lawyer for one of the deputies of Golden Dawn. Magda Fyssa, the mother of the rapper assassinated by a Golden Dawn executive in September 2013, and whose murder led to the opening of legal proceedings against Golden Dawn, calls for vigilance: “We have an appeal before us. We have to face them. They must not get out of prison. “


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