Green light in the race for the chancellery for the former gymnast

Berlin (Germany)

From our correspondent

Annalena Baerbock had entrusted it before Christmas, she could imagine taking the place of Angela Merkel in the chancellery. Admittedly, this objective is far from being achieved, but this 40-year-old federal deputy, co-president of the environmental party Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen, took a major step towards this objective on Monday, April 19. Just over five months before the general election, she was chosen as her party’s candidate in the chancellery race. The decision was taken in agreement with Robert Habeck, with whom she has co-led the party for three years. “Annalena is a fighter. She knows what she wants and lives politics with passion ”, launched Robert Habeck, during this official announcement.

A little later, alone on stage, the former gymnast and follower of the trampoline confirmed her fighting spirit. A specialist in environmental and energy issues, she describes the fight against climate change as “THE mission of our time and our generation”. For her, who, as a child, accompanied her parents to anti-nuclear demonstrations, this fight must encompass all aspects of society, from industrial policy to social justice.

A mother of two daughters under the age of 10, Annalena Baerbock also knows what the closure of schools during the pandemic means for children and families. When she engages in the subject, her voice trembles with emotion. Same excitement on the European question. It was also during internships in Strasbourg and Brussels that the young graduate in international law developed a taste for politics, before joining the Greens at 25 and being elected to the Bundestag at age 32. .

“We need to change things instead of promising change. I have not been chancellor or minister, but I am a candidate for renewal. For the status quo, there are other people ”, she says. Its weak point remains its lack of governmental, federal or regional experience. Unusual situation for a candidate for chancellery.

“His strong point is to have succeeded, with Robert Habeck, in bringing calm within the party”, notes Stefan Marschall, from the University of Düsseldorf. “She represents the realistic wing of the party and shows great professionalism. She can and knows how to play politics, he continues. For three years, the Greens have put their conflicts on the mute. They want to take political responsibility and are ready for it. “

Popular with the grassroots, Annalena Baerbock embodies a generational change in a party long described as radical and lesson-giver. “The Greens have become more consensual because their subject of heart, climate change, has become central in politics”, notes Stefan Marschall. The Greens are also on the rise. After good performances in the regions, they have been credited for several months with more than 20% of voting intentions and are following the Christian Democrats’ heels. After 16 years in opposition, they have never been so close to returning to power at the federal level. Annalena Baerbock can continue to dream …


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