Guava proves to be very effective for health, know what is the benefit

new Delhi: The winter season has arrived. The cold is constantly increasing. In such a situation it is very important that attention should be given to food. It is said that a change in diet according to the season is necessary for the body and good for maintaining health.

Each season brings different types of fruits. Guava comes in the winter season and is easily available in the market. Eating guava is considered very beneficial.

Let us know the special benefits that are effective for the body.

1- According to doctors, guava helps in maintaining sugar level. As well as reducing it. Fiber-rich guava manages diabetes. If you are a diabetic patient, you can consult the doctor about how much quantity of guava you should eat.

2- Guava helps a lot in reducing blood pressure. The potassium and fiber present in guava helps in reducing the blood pressure.

3- Guava is very effective in reducing obesity and increasing digestion. Eating high fiber guava also fills your stomach and does not cause any hunger soon, which gives positive results on your weight.

4- Guava helps to increase your immunity. Guava contains a lot of vitamin-C which is beneficial for your immune system.

Of course, eating guava is good for health, but you should take advice from your doctor about how much should be eaten. If you are a diabetic patient or have a blood pressure, then take guava from a doctor and take advice.

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