Guru Jupiter: Devguru Jupiter is sitting in Aquarius, do this remedy, your sleeping fortune will shine

Guru Jupiter Seated in Aquarius: In astrology, Jupiter is considered to be the most beneficial planet. Jupiter is considered to be a factor of success, wealth growth, good luck growth, career, growth and happiness and prosperity. From 5 April 2021, the planet Jupiter is seated in Aquarius. After staying in it till 14 September 2021, it will be sitting in Capricorn again in retrograde state. Where it will be till 20 November 2021. After that, they will enter the Aquarius sign again. Which will remain in this amount till September 2022.

According to astrology, gurus take 13 months to change the zodiac. Inauspicious results are obtained by having the position of Devguru Jupiter in the horoscope inauspicious. People’s problems increase. During this time, the person goes through financial crisis. Many kinds of problems come to him. But by doing some astrological remedies, the inauspicious fruit of Devguru Jupiter can be avoided.

Do the saffron Of Remedy

According to astrology, one should take saffron remedy to make the Guru planet friendly. To make auspicious position of Jupiter planet, Tilak of saffron should be applied every day. For this, put a drop of water on the saffron and apply tilak on the forehead by the ring finger of its left color. This gives rise to luck and accompanies it.

Career In Will get Success

To make auspicious position of the planet in the horoscope, taking turmeric in water and bathing it on Jupiter gives success in career. It is said that by chanting the mantra Om Grand Green Growns: Gurve Namah, strong chances of success or progress in career are made.

Economic Tightness Do the away

According to astrology, one should worship Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi by taking a bath in the Brahma-muhurta on Thursday on Thursday to adjust the position of the planet in the horoscope. Transactions of any kind of money should be avoided on the day of Guru War.


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