Guru Vakri 2021: On September 14, Guru will enter Capricorn, will make a union with Shani Dev

Guru Vakri 2021: Jupiter is considered to be the biggest planet in astrology. In the scriptures, the Guru is also called the Guru of the Gods. That is why he is also called Dev Guru Brihaspati. At present, Guru is retrograde. Jupiter is transiting retrograde in Aquarius. But in the month of September, Jupiter is going to enter Capricorn. On 20 June 2021, Guru had retrograded in Aquarius.

nature of master
In astrology, Jupiter is considered a planet giving auspicious results. Guru is also related to knowledge, high position, administrative work and religion. Guru imparts knowledge to the person being auspicious. Such people are efficient administrators i.e. administrative officers. High positions like minister etc. are also attained by the grace of Guru. On the other hand, Jupiter also gives inauspicious results, and if the Guru is inauspicious, it also gives stomach related diseases. In the position of Marrakesh, Jupiter gives negative results. But it is also believed about Guru that the inauspiciousness of Jupiter is less than other inauspicious planets, because Jupiter is an auspicious planet.

In Capricorn, the guru will break the low Raj Yoga
Saturn is considered to be the lord of Capricorn. According to astrology, when Jupiter transits in Capricorn in conjunction with Shani Dev, then in this situation, the condition of low Raja Yoga is broken. In this situation, the Guru gives only auspicious results, but due to the presence of Saturn, their results change. Shani is the god of justice and Guru is the factor of knowledge. Therefore, during this time one should avoid doing wrong things. Inauspicious results are obtained for doing wrong deeds. Therefore good and best work should be done.

when will be guru margi
Guru is transiting retrograde in Aquarius sign, Jupiter is now going to be transiting on 14th September 2021. The special thing is that the period is being made for some time only. According to the almanac, the Guru will become completely Margi again on 18 October 2021, at 11 am on Monday. During this, for some time, Jupiter will also make a union with Saturn in Capricorn.

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