Guyana: Olivier Véran “terrified” by the “cowardice” of Christiane Taubira who refuses to call for vaccination

The Minister of Health expressed his anger this Wednesday on France Inter after Christiane Taubira’s refusal to call on the Guyanese population to be vaccinated.

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Asked Wednesday, September 29 on France Inter on Christiane Taubira’s refusal to call on the Guyanese population to be vaccinated against Covid-19, Olivier Véran said to himself “shocked to hear this incapacity, this kind of paralysis, this fear, a form of cowardice which consists in saying: I am vaccinated, but I have no advice to give.”

“Can you imagine saying: I wear a seat belt but I don’t have enough information to tell the French to put on their seat belt when they drive? (…) No, vaccination is a public health tool proven which has demonstrated its effectiveness “, hammered the Minister of Health.

“When you deeply love Guyana and the Guyanese, and I’m sure this is the case with Christiane Taubira, you take responsibility, you say to them: protect yourself”, he continues. “I call on all public officials but also private actors who matter in Guyana and who have a voice that is very much listened to to act responsibly”, underlined Olivier Véran.

Last Friday, the Regional Health Agency reported a level of deaths “never reached” in Guyana, where 21 people lost their lives in seven days as a result of Covid-19.

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