Hair loss has a connection with the stomach, this is the way to stop hair fall fast

Hair Problem: Hair fall can bother anyone. Hair adds to your beauty, but when it starts breaking, then it starts to worry that due to continuous hair loss, you will gradually become bald. Actually hair loss is related to food and lifestyle. If your diet is good then your stomach will be right and if your stomach is right then your hair will also benefit. Our whole body is related to the stomach. For example, if one part of the body gets damaged, it affects other parts as well. In the same way, the health of the stomach also affects the whole body. The health of the gut also has an effect on the health of the hair. Research suggests that a healthy gut keeps different microorganisms (microorganisms) healthy. It affects all your bodily processes. These processes affect everything from your brain to your hair.

What is the connection between the gut and hair loss?
Thousands of species of gut bacteria live in our stomach. Which help in our digestion. They also regulate our immune system and brain health, in fact good bacteria increase microbial enzymes that produce micronutrients from our food. Our whole body uses them. From food, vitamins K, B12, B3, folic acid and biotin are transported to the hair. This affects the health of the hair. But if you do not have these good bacteria in your body, then it will weaken the hair and start falling.

effect of hormones on hair
The gut microbiota controls almost every hormone in the body, including estrogen, thyroid hormone, and melatonin. Gut flora also regulates hormones that affect hair loss, growth and new growth. Even if there is a change in any of your other hormones, then the hair is affected the most.

What to eat to keep stomach and hair healthy?
To make hair healthy and good, you should include food rich in vitamins and micronutrients in your diet. You can include things like legumes, nuts, green leafy vegetables, fish, lean meats and eggs in your diet, this will keep both your stomach and hair healthy. Apart from this, you should take a high fiber diet. Organic or natural food should be used. Include probiotic-rich sauerkraut, kimchi and kanji juice in your diet. This will reduce your hair fall problem. Along with the stomach, you also need to keep your mind healthy and happy, only then your whole body will work properly and its effect will also be visible on your hair.

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