Halimi case: “Justice does not issue any license to kill”, protests the prosecutor François Molins

One of the highest French magistrates comes out of his reserve. François Molins vigorously rejected, on Saturday April 24, the trial in “laxity” done to justice. The Attorney General at the Court of Cassation reacted in an interview with World (article for subscribers) in the face of the controversy over the decision to declare criminally irresponsible the murderer of Jewish sexagenarian Sarah Halimi.

“Obviously justice does not issue any license to kill!”, he said. For him, to assimilate this decision, taken “in accordance with the rule of law”, at “a license to kill Jews in France is unbearable”.

“There is nothing to say in a general and without nuance that justice is lax.”

François Molins, Attorney General at the Court of Cassation

in an interview with “Le Monde”

The Court of Cassation confirmed, in mid-April, the anti-Semitic nature of this crime, committed in 2017 in Paris, but it confirmed the impossibility of organizing a trial of the murderer, a heavy user of cannabis, given the abolition of his discernment during the facts. According to the seven psychiatric experts who examined him, Kobili Traore was in the throes of a “delusional puff” when he killed his 65-year-old neighbor, Lucie Attal, also known as Sarah Halimi.

The impossibility of a trial created a lively controversy and prompted President Emmanuel Macron to demand “a change in the law” on criminal liability. “Drugs cannot be a license to kill”, also said Gabriel Attal, spokesman for the government.

“The emotion aroused by this decision undoubtedly reveals that the law is not adapted”, recognized François Molins, while warning Parliament against the temptation to “to legislate in an emergency and under the influence of emotion”.

The magistrate also protested against the “wrong shortcut”, according to which the murderer’s drug use would be the cause of his criminal irresponsibility. “It is the abolition of discernment during the passage to the act and this alone, which induces penal irresponsibility”, insisted François Molins. “However, anyone who consumes alcohol or cannabis does not have a delusional whiff and does not see their discernment abolished.”

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