Handle your dominating partner like this, you will be able to stay open

Manage a Dominating Personality: Any relationship can last long only when there is love, respect and freedom in it, but sometimes in the name of love or relationship, we start dominating our partner. The nature of some people is like this from the beginning, while some people also change due to different circumstances. Domination comes in the relationship even if there is a lack of trust between husband and wife. In our society, men still have the thought of dominating it. However, a lot has changed with the passage of time. Actually, it is not wrong to dominate one of the partners as long as you do not have any problem with this thing. There is no problem if this nature is not hurting you emotionally, mentally or physically, but if you feel suffocation, mental stress or lack of freedom due to such nature of your partner then it is wrong. You can understand from these things that your partner is not dominating you more than necessary.

1- Show you low or low- If your partner makes you feel inferior or tries to humiliate you all the time, then it is not good for your relationship. Equality and respect are very important to make any relationship strong. Your thoughts and ideas should always be respected. If your partner does not do this, then try to change this habit of theirs.

2- Sharing is necessary- Sharing is necessary to make a relationship strong. If your partner spends time with you. If he shares his plans and thoughts with you, then it is a sign of a good relationship. This strengthens love and bonding, but if one partner ignores the other by saying lack of time, then it is not right for your relationship.

3- Decide together- Sometimes the dominating parties take all the decisions themselves. Then it can be either male or female. Dominating partners run their own in everything, where to go, what to wear, whom to talk to, whom not to do, how to run life. If you are troubled by this habit, then openly speak your mind. It is not always right to live life according to one’s way. Try to take decisions by mutual consent.

4- Need attention at all times- There is one more thing in dominating partner that such people are always very conscious about their partner. Such people need attention all the time. Such people do not pay attention to the needs of their partner, but keep pushing them to fulfill their needs.

5- Give personal space- If your partner does not respect your privacy then it is wrong. There are some personal things in everyone’s life. In today’s time no one likes to interfere in everything and every work. Your partner should understand this. It is not right to check your phone or see any personal thing without asking you.


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