Hands and feet remain cold even after a lot of efforts in the winter season? These diseases can be a sign

Winter Health Care Tips: Winter Season has started. In such a situation, the hands and feet of many people remain cold in spite of lakhs of efforts. In such a situation, people wear warm clothes and bathe their hands and feet near the fire. Even after doing all this, the hands and feet do not get hot. So it can be a sign of some disease. Most people ignore this thing. But, it is not correct at all. These small-looking symptoms can be a sign of a bigger disease. So today we are going to tell you about some diseases, so hands and feet remain cold all the time.

can be a sign of diabetes
The hands and feet of diabetic patients often remain cold in the cold. In this disease, the blood sugar level remains elevated. In such a situation, the patient has frequent urination. Along with this, the wound of injury of such patients also does not heal quickly. If your feet are cold all the time in winter, then definitely get your blood sugar level checked.

High cholesterol can cause such problems
Let us tell you that due to high cholesterol, there can be problem of proper blood circulation in the body. Due to this, hands and feet remain cold all the time. Keeping hands and feet cold for a long time increases the risk of brain stroke and heart attack. If your hands and feet are also cold all the time, then get your cholesterol level checked as soon as possible.

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Hypothyroidism can be a problem
Thyroid is one of the most important gland of our body. In this disease, the body does not produce the required amount of hormones. Because of this, it affects the function of many parts of the body. In this disease, the hands and feet of the patient often remain cold.

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Too much stress can cause problems
Let us tell you that stress has a very bad effect on our body. It affects the blood flow in our body very badly. After this the hands and feet remain cold. Try to take minimum stress in life.

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