Hanuman ji freed ‘Shani’ imprisoned in Ravana’s Lanka, read the full story here

Shani Dev: Ravana was very powerful. He was also knowledgeable. It is said that he had such power that he could even change the movement of the planets. Shani Dev is also considered an influential planet. It is said that no one can escape from the sight of Shani. Not even gods. This is the reason that everyone wants to avoid the sight of Shani. Once, Lankapati Ravana imprisoned all the planets in Lanka. He had hanged Shani Dev upside down in his stables. What is this whole story? Let’s know-

Ravana had taken all the planets captive
According to the legend, Ravana’s ego was on the seventh sky, so he had taken all the planets captive by his power. Ravana’s anger also broke on Shani Dev and he also took Shani Dev hostage. At the same time, Hanuman ji had gone to Lanka as the messenger of Lord Rama. In anger, Ravana ordered to set fire to Hanuman’s tail. In return, Hanuman ji burnt his Lanka to ashes. As soon as Ravana started fire in Lanka, all the planets became free, but due to hanging upside down, Shani Dev’s body was in severe pain and he was moaning in pain.

Why do you offer mustard oil on Saturn?
When Hanuman ji’s vision fell on Shani Dev, Hanuman ji massaged his body with mustard oil to calm the pain. This gave great relief to Shani Dev. At the same time, Shani Dev promised Hanuman ji, whoever Hanuman devotee would offer oil on me with devotion, he would get freedom from all the problems. Since then, it is considered auspicious to offer oil on Shani Dev.

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