Happy Chocolate Day 2021 Shayari: This shayari will work for you in Valentine’s Week, please express love

Happy Chocolate Day Shayari Hindi 2021: There are many things in the world which are erased in the dust of time, but there is a lofty love that was, is and will always be. What has Ashfaq Hussain said a lot? That

Love and love will remain the rest
We will leave but the journey will remain

Surely lovers can end, but their love story can never end. By the way, no time or month matters to those who love, but even when it comes to Valentine’s Week, everyone wants to make it special for their loved ones. Today is Chocolate Day. Today we are going to tell you some such lions, ghazals and nazams, which will also help you in expressing love and if you are already in love, then the color of your love will also get thicker.

The best way to express love is to give a rose flower, and although Mir Taki Mir has said that the sweet lips are like rose petals

What to say about nazuki’s lab
The petal is like a rose

However, everyone loves to give roses in love. Of course, it is written in the rose garden that it is not forbidden to pluck the flowers, but in love, people who love risk, break the roses and present it to their lover or lover.

Flowers are blooming it is written do not break
And furiously say don’t leave

Love is not an expensive gift, it just grows with small happiness. Fahim Gorakhpur’s view Zahid Imroz

No shame for express love
Buy flowers
Take room in a hotel
Or let the birds be set free

You are your boss for Izhar-e-Mohabbat
Can be wrapped in paper and sent
The way i have my spirit
Have posted you

Many times people do not get success in love. In such a situation, if you like someone who is giving heart to someone else, then this lion of Faheem Gorakhpur tells the broken heart in love. You too can express your feelings with this lion

You were offended
Yes when i hate

This lion can be useful to you in love

If you want to understand love, then love is yourself
The shore never guesses

Khumara barabankavi

We will not even get the news
I had to think this through ezhar-e-mohabbat

Humaira Gul Tishna

Miri is the first earning love
The love i have given you
Nadeem Bhabha

In the end, it is the intention to love but just think. One should not make haste in love. We have not said this, but Sudarshan Fakir.

Ishq ishq this is not fun
Do not judge in a few moments


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