Hard, hard, for Lanester

I would live in Lanester (Morbihan), I would have had it a little bad, reading the sports pages of Telegram, in yesterday’s edition. Here, in fact, are the three titles that completely fill page 8: “Handball: Lanester bows to the wire”. “Volleyball: Lanester couldn’t do anything”. “Badminton: honorable defeat of Lanester”. A whole page to say that Lanester, be it in handball, volleyball or even badminton, be it girls or boys otherwise, took a beating. Enough to put the morale of the Lanestériennes and Lanesterians to the bottom of their socks. We are zero. Really useless. Really too dumb. Well, okay, it’s not just handball, volleyball or badminton in life. There is also football, basketball, rugby, even Breton ball or puck. If it is, Lanester sparks in all these disciplines, covering his unfortunate opponents with ridicule. Anyway, yesterday morning was a hangover. Even if, good prince, The Telegram concedes that Lanester’s defeat against Rezé is “honourable”. And that in handball, against Rosporden, Lanester only bowed “on the wire”. But OK. Lanesterians, Lanesterians, I implore you, don’t be discouraged! Tomorrow is another day (or the day after tomorrow)! One match lost, ten won! And then spring comes. And then the Covid recedes. And then… Well, look, I did what I could.


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