Harry Potter store in New York: why is the saga still popular?

But how far will the Harry Potter madness go? More than twenty after the release of the first volume, young and old continue to devour the epics of the hero with round glasses, imagined by JK Rowling. A success that does not dry up, despite consoles and streaming platforms which often win the bet against the books. Why is Harry Potter still so popular?

The figure of the orphan

Harry Potter relates the adventures of a young orphan taken in and mistreated by his uncle and aunt, who joins the famous Hogwarts school of witchcraft, in which he lives incredible adventures. According to Anne Blanchard, editor-in-chief of The review of children’s books at Gallimard Jeunesse, one of the reasons for the infatuation of the youngest for Harry lies undoubtedly in the fact that he is an orphan.

“The psychoanalyst Marthe Robert resumes in her essay Novel of the origins, and origins of the novel, Freud’s “family romance” theory, she recalls. This explains that the children imagine that they have been abandoned and invent other parents, more loving, more flamboyant, more victorious. For Marthe Robert, this family romance that everyone has built allows us all to believe in fiction, especially that of books. We get attached to the characters, we believe in what they are experiencing. And so the young people were able to play with this idea of ​​saying to themselves “And if I too were an orphan, how would I do it, who would take care of me?” ”

Mixed universe

Fantastic Elements in a Real World: JK Rowling’s strength also lies in his ability to mix and merge universes. “She knew how to integrate into her work elements of Greco-Latin, Nordic or medieval mythology, continues Anne Blanchard. But also the whole school world, which is enchanted here and very popular. She manages to mix fantasy, which is a genre that works very well, with things like King’s Cross station in London, which relates to reality. “

The saga is also part of the tradition of the “Bildungsroman” or the training novel. Harry Potter readers grew up with him and his cronies. If the first volumes are quite childish, the story takes a different turn as the character evolves. “The author has created opponents to match her heroes. Harry Potter still has to fight Voldemort, that’s no small feat. He speaks the language of serpents, he has never known death… ”, emphasizes Anne Blanchard.

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Dark, evil elements, which allow the elderly not to drop out. Like a Madeleine de Proust for his former readers? Or maybe a sign of adolescence that brings us back eternally to that good old classic of our younger years? One thing is certain, as a hero of literature and a commercial attraction, Harry Potter still has many bright years ahead of him.


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