Has the sewing machine endangered the virtue of young girls?

The arrival of the machine would have had repercussions on female arousal. A possible “danger” never erected in law by science, that the single pedal and the engines will finally come to solve.

Born in the 1930s, she opened the doors of factories to women. Its modernity also has them, for the historian Guy Thuillier, Free “Definitely royalty at home” when men “Were still with their horses, their plow, their great maneuvers in red pants and their shackles”. The name of this magician of feminism? The sewing machine… “Greatest benefit for the women of Christendom and of the world during the XIXe century”, will ignite an American obstetrician, the Dr Gardner.

But, in the middle of the XIXe century, his European colleagues are wary. Doesn’t the sewing machine conceal unsuspected dangers for the virtue of ladies? Certainly, it is an indisputable “Addition to the good of the world”, concedes, in 1967, in the British Medical Journal, the Dr John Langdon-Down (best known for describing trisomy 21, or Down syndrome). The latter explains that the invention gives “To female work a value and an importance that it did not have

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