‘He also got surgery?’ Users are surprised to see this picture of Rakul Preet Singh

Actress Rakul Preet Singh, who has been in the news for a long time about the film ‘Doctor G’, is now in the headlines due to her latest picture. Rakul Preet has recently shared a selfie, seeing which people are saying that the actress has got lip surgery done.

There are reports that Rakul Preet has undergone cosmetic surgery on her lips to enhance her looks. Rakul Preet recently shared the selfie on her Instagram account and wrote, ‘This post on demand.’

Celebs are praising, users are asking questions

While the celebrities praised Rakul Preet’s glamor look, some people started asking questions after seeing her lips whether she has undergone surgery. Seeing Rakul Preet’s pointed jaw line, fuller lips and puffy cheeks, people are suspecting that the actress has undergone surgery.

Such a face is shown because of the filter, people thought it was surgery
Rakul Preet used a filter to capture this selfie, due to which her face looked like this. Rakul has also mentioned this in his post. Despite this, some users started claiming that Rakul has got the surgery done.

One user commented, ‘What is this? Did he have surgery too? Man, what has happened to the people of Bollywood? Lets put a watt of good face. At the same time, some users commented after seeing Rakul Preet’s picture that who is she.

Rakul, regardless of trollers, will be seen in these films

By the way, Rakul Preet Singh has been trolled many times before. Sometimes she was trolled for wearing a short dress and sometimes for the smoking scene in the film. But Rakul Preet always stopped speaking to the trollers by giving a befitting reply. Talking about the professional front, Rakul Preet currently has many films in South apart from Hindi. These include ‘Attack’, ‘Konda Polam’, ‘Ayalaan’, ‘Meday’, ‘Thank God’, ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Indian 2’.


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