“He won by far”: supporters of Donald Trump flock to Washington at the call of the leader

They answer present. Supporters of Donald Trump began to flock to Washington (United States), Tuesday, January 5, at the call of the American president who asked them to demonstrate Wednesday when Congress will formalize his defeat in the presidential election, which he refuses to concede. “My Commander-in-Chief called me and my Lord and Savior told me to go”Debbie Lusk, a 66-year-old retired accountant, who came on purpose from Seattle, across the country, told AFP.

Like her, hundreds of people from all over the United States gathered near the White House with huge “Trump” flags or placards. “Stop theft”, the rallying cry of those who believe, against all evidence, that the election of November 3 was rigged. More than two months after the election, Donald Trump continues to challenge the victory of Democrat Joe Biden, citing fraud of which he has never provided proof. He failed to convince the courts and election officials but sowed doubt in the minds of his supporters.

“We do not have confidence in the result of the ballot”, explained to AFP Chris Thomas, a retiree who came with her husband from Oregon, on the west coast, her head wearing a hat honoring the Republican billionaire. “Trump won and by far there is more proof than necessary”, added Matthew Woods, a 59-year-old Californian. “Washington is being inundated with people who don’t want to see an election victory stolen by radical left Democrats”, welcomed the US president on Twitter.

Dozens of elected Republican members of the House and Senate also remain in solidarity with Donald Trump and have promised to raise their doubts within the precincts of Congress which must certify the vote of the large voters on Wednesday: 306 for Joe Biden, 232 for Donald Trump. Their objections will not derail but could slow down this process, the last before the Democrat is sworn in on January 20.

On Tuesday, businesses in central Washington reinstalled large wooden panels on their windows, for fear of possible overflows. Police in the capital said they feared potential violence, especially from far-right groups, and warned that people carrying firearms would be arrested. As of Monday, the leader of the Proud Boys militia was arrested, in particular for the illegal possession of two high capacity ammunition magazines.

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