Headache can be fatal, if these are symptoms then you need to take special care

Everyone has to deal with headaches at one time or another. This problem is absolutely common everywhere in the world. But sometimes it can also prove to be life-threatening due to injuries, brain tumors, and bleeding in the brain. In such a situation, how would you differentiate a terrible headache? The most common type of headache is pain caused by mental stress.

These headaches will relieve themselves after some time or migraines can be successfully controlled by changing lifestyle in addition to proper treatment and catering. But there are some symptoms of headaches which can be life threatening. If you see any of those signs, then you will need help from a doctor immediately.

1. Sudden and unbearable pain

This type of pain is called Thunderclap and usually becomes severe within 60 seconds. After hours, better pain can bring relief, but the danger remains. This is often due to bleeding in the brain, which can be the result of injury to the brain or brain. Patients may experience nausea, vomiting and psychological confusion if such pain arises.

2. Headache after injury

Headache that is caused by a head injury can be a sign of haemorrhage. Sometimes a head injury can be manifested even after several days. Especially when the severity of pain is increasing. Remember, a head-on collision due to a fall can also cause bleeding in the brain and its symptoms include fainting. Vomiting, weakness, weakening of memory, affect of light and change of psychological condition are included.

3. Infections in the protective membranes of the brain

This type of headache can be caused by brain swelling. Actually, this pain occurs due to inflammation of the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord and it is due to viral or bacterial infection.

4. Severe pain on one side of the head

Sudden emergence of pain on one side of the head and feeling numb from shoulders to hands can also be a sign of dangerous headaches. This pain can tell the damage caused to the nerve of your brain. If the blood accumulates in them, it can bleed from there and cause damage.

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