Health Alert: Cold pudding or hot jalebi can cause these diseases

new Delhi: If you also like cold kheer or hot jalebi and you eat a lot then be careful. Eating too much of sweet food can put you in the clutches of serious diseases. Today we are going to tell you about the harm caused by eating more sweet food.

Weakness of immunity

People who eat more sweet are vulnerable to immunity. Such people fall ill soon.

Sugar level rise

Everyone knows that sugar level increases by eating sweet. Increase in sugar level is very harmful for the brain. Estimate how dangerous it is that increasing blood sugar level can cause problems with memory loss.

Premature aging

Apart from this, getting old prematurely is also a major side effect of consuming more sugar. Eating too much sweetness can cause many skin problems.

Heart attack or heart stroke
Excess sugar intake can also be responsible for problems such as heart attack or heart stroke, as it also increases blood pressure and cholesterol, which is fatal to the heart.

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