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Health & Fitness Tips: Why should not workout with makeup, know what can be the problems

Often, the body gets sweaty and slightly messy during workouts, but some people like to look good while exercising and carry a lot of make-up for an extra selfie. But have you ever thought that it is right or wrong to do makeup during workouts?

Nymphs are giving skin diseases

Let me tell you that doing a workout with makeup means that you are intentionally inviting skin related problems. After getting wet with sweat, it is important to clean the face thoroughly. If you also like to carry makeup during workouts then it is time to quit this bad habit.

Why should not make up during workouts

When we exercise, our body temperature increases, so during this time we sweat to keep our body cool. Small pores of our skin also open due to increasing internal temperature. Sweat and oil come out of the body from these small pores. At the same time, when you make up during workouts, it covers the body’s pores. And when you exercise a lot, then sweat and oil accumulate inside instead of getting out of the pores, due to which bacteria flourish. Pores filled with sweat and oil later cause skin irritation and acne.

Eye irritation may occur

Also, exercising with makeup can cause eye irritation, because our eyelid is a sensitive area of ​​the body. Like other parts of the face, even the eyes can be disturbed by sweat and makeup. Due to this, the area around the eyes becomes dry, red and quite dull. Not only this, due to perspiration from the body during exercise, makeup starts flowing from your face to the cheeks.

How to clean your face before a workout

Cleaning the face with Wet Wipes is not enough, it is very important to clean your face thoroughly so that dust or dirt does not get deposited inside the face pores. You can use any mild-wash wash to clean the face. On the other hand, to cleanse your face before a workout session, avoid gel-based and exfoliating ingredients like salicylic acid.

How to take care of face after a workout

Cleaning your face after a workout session is as important as before. While exercising, our face and body all get wet with sweat. Therefore, cleansing the face after workouts helps in getting rid of sweat and oil. All the equipment used in the gym and even in the washroom contain many types of bacteria. In such a situation, you can come in contact with these bacteria during weight lifting or while running on the treadmill and get sick. So it is better that you definitely take a shower after a workout.

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