Health: how the government wants to speed up prevention

Posted Sep 18, 2022 9:24 AMUpdated on Sep 18, 2022 at 12:44 PM

It was one of the key measures of candidate Emmanuel Macron’s health program. During his campaign, the president had proposed setting up health checks at three “key ages” of life. The next Social Security budget will give substance to this promise, the government announced on Sunday in the “JDD”.

As Emmanuel Macron had announced, one of these first consultations would take place at age 25. It would be especially for young people, “the opportunity to take stock of vaccines, their physical activity, possible addictions”, or even the “need to have a doctor”, specified in this interview the Minister Health and Prevention, François Braun.

Prevention of loss of autonomy

A second consultation at the age of 45, should make it possible to discuss the need for various screenings (breast cancer, colon, prostate) with a “assessment on physical activity and possible mental health disorders”. Finally, during a third appointment at age 65 (compared to age 60 in Emmanuel Macron’s program), “the emphasis will be on preventing loss of autonomy, screening for cancers and all diseases “.

The Minister does not go into detail on the method of taking charge of these free check-ups which will be offered by Health Insurance. Complementary health would have welcomed the possibility of participating in the financing of such consultations, they who always fear being marginalized by health insurance. However, they are often reminded of the fact that not all French people have a “mutuelle” (even if this is the case for the overwhelming majority of them – 96%).

Public Health Dashboard

Prevention is one of the priorities announced by the government in the field of health, with the reorganization of the health system, undermined by the lack of doctors and other professionals. “France is lagging behind overall in terms of prevention, especially if we look at what is happening among our European neighbors”, had thus insisted François Braun, the Minister of Health and Prevention at the congress of the Mutualité Française. early September.

The average budget devoted to prevention is equivalent to 3% of health expenditure in the European Union, when it is less than 2% in France, he underlined. Deploring the “hundreds of thousands” of victims of diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease, the former emergency physician had also promised to promote the practice of sport to promote better health.

A sign of the public authorities’ desire to prevent rather than cure, this summer Health Insurance unveiled a scoreboard of public health indicators highlighting unflattering results: in terms of alcohol consumption, vaccination against certain pathologies etc.

Under the previous five-year term, the executive had above all endeavored to make equipment such as hearing aids accessible to all, with the reform of 100% health. It remains to be seen whether this reform will soon be extended to other types of equipment, such as orthodontic equipment, as mentioned during the campaign.


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