Health News: Soybeans are like ‘poison’ for these people, do not consume even by mistake, know the harm

Health News: Many people like to eat soybean. Soybeans are a good source of protein. Soybean S is such a thing that people can eat both with rice or roti-paratha. Many people like to eat it for breakfast or dinner. Let us tell you that soybeans are definitely a better source of protein, but eating too much soybeans also causes health damage.

Loss of soybean

Talking about the loss of soybeans, eating it causes the problem of allergies.

– Women have many hormonal problems due to eating soybeans. Actually the compound female hormone in it mimics estrogen.

– By eating more soybeans, there is a huge reduction in sperm count in men also.

– ‘Trans fat’ present in soybean increases obesity and cholesterol also increases.

If you have a disease related to heart, do not forget to eat soybean.

Also, people who have migraine problems, body bloating thyroid, should not forget to eat soybean.

(This news has been written on the basis of research and beliefs. Before reaching any conclusion, please consult the doctor.)

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