Health pass: how long does it take to obtain a complete vaccination schedule?

FOCUS – While Emmanuel Macron has just conditioned the access of cafes and restaurants to the health pass, the French rushed to Doctolib to reserve a first dose of vaccine. But when will they be able to freely enjoy these places of life?

Until now, reserved for nightclubs and events welcoming more than 1,000 people, the health pass will be compulsory in many leisure places such as theaters and cinemas, from July 21. Then, at the beginning of August, it will be imposed to enter a bar, a café or a restaurant. This decision, announced Monday, July 12 by Emmanuel Macron during a solemn address, had an immediate effect: some 926,000 French people, 65% of whom under 35, rushed to Doctolib the same evening to book a niche the most quickly possible.

During the speech of the President of the Republic, the site recorded “seven and a half million connections», Revealed the co-founder of the platform, Stanislas Niox-Chateau, at the microphone of France Info. Some people even had to wait several tens of minutes in a virtual queue to access the site. “Clearly, the president’s announcements, especially on the health pass, led the French to log in and make a vaccination appointment.», Underlined the boss of Doctolib. The objective: to be ready before the restrictions, without having to multiply the PCR or antigen tests, which will no longer be reimbursed from the month of October, except on medical prescription.

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Time between two doses and disparity of territories

The time between making an appointment yesterday and the appointment is 11 days on average, which means that the 926,000 French people who made an appointment yesterday will be fully vaccinated by mid-August.“, Stanislas Niox-Chateau said with a slight excess of optimism. Several parameters are in fact to be taken into account when one wishes to be vaccinated. First, the time between two doses, which can vary from one vaccine to another. Today, four vaccines have received marketing authorization from the European Medicines Agency: those from Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson. But also the disparities of territory: in certain departments, it is sometimes necessary to wait much more than 11 days to benefit from an appointment.

The two American vaccines have similar modalities: since mid-June, the second injection of Pfizer and Moderna can be carried out at least 21 days after the first, against 35 initially. The person who is vaccinated this Tuesday July 13 for the first dose will therefore ideally receive the second on August 3. He will then have to wait two weeks for his vaccination schedule to be complete, from August 17.

The Swedish-British vaccine is particularly unpopular in France, where the population fears its side effects and its ineffectiveness. It also takes much longer to get a full vaccination schedule with AstraZeneca. The person who will be vaccinated this Tuesday, July 13, will have to wait between nine and twelve weeks to receive the second dose, between September 14 and October 5. The health pass will then be validated 14 days later, between September 28 and October 19.

The third American vaccine is arguably the fastest option, since it only requires one dose. If a person decides to be vaccinated on Tuesday July 13, their vaccination schedule will be considered complete one month later, namely August 10. On the other hand, it is currently only administered to over 55s, except for French people living abroad.

Last case: a person who has already been infected with Covid-19 will also only need a single dose, regardless of the vaccine. If the dose is administered this Tuesday, July 13, it will obtain the health pass from July 27.


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