“Health survey”, the power of animals on France 5

“I am often told that my channel should be reimbursed by the Social Security! “, laughs the creator of the YouTube channel Cat word, in the documentary broadcast by “Enquête de santé”. A caress, a word, a presence, a look… While many humans enjoy the company of animals, the show takes stock of the latest discoveries on their health benefits.

In Anne-Sophie’s family, each child has their animal. The images of their daily life, where the dogs are filmed in slow motion running and playing in the garden, seem a little cutesy at first glance.

But the documentary, by giving the floor to specialists and scientists, manages to reverse this impression, revealing what positive they can bring to humans. The purring of cats, like low-frequency music and at a regular rhythm, notably releases the hormones of happiness and thus acts as an antidepressant.

Prevent tumors

In a more innovative register, the KDOG team, in “A protocol unique in the world for breast cancer research”, challenges a Labrador trained from an early age to exercise. In front of him, several compresses soaked in women’s sweat are presented to him. He must recognize the scent of someone with a tumor. Ultimately, the dog could act as a kind of pre-test, before the cancer escalates.

Animals also have the power to help elders. Halima, 88, has a failing memory and sometimes loses interest in life. Thanks to an animal mediation program offered in her retirement home, she sees improvements: “It’s all coming back to me. I remember what I did with my animals and my children. It comforts me. “

Finally, the lesson to be learned would be, as the ethologist Marine Grandgeorge suggests, not to forget that humans are also animals, and that they have a lot to learn from other species.


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