Health Tips: Apples may have to be eaten more than needed, fear of these diseases remains

Health Tips: We all know about the many health benefits of apple. Apple is rich in nutrients including vitamin C, fiber and potassium. Whenever it comes to healthy fruits, the name of apple is definitely included in it. Apple is very good for our health. But there are some disadvantages of its excessive intake. Too much of any good thing can negatively affect your health.

How many apples can you eat in a day?
According to research, a person can eat one to two apples in a day. But if you are consuming it in large quantities, then it may have some dangerous effects.

Digestive problems
Fiber improves our digestive health. But its intake in large amounts can cause digestive problems.

It can damage your teeth

Apples are acidic. Too much intake of it can damage your teeth.

Apple is not good for people who experience allergies by eating it.

Benefits of apple

Boosting immunity
Eating apples helps boost your immunity. It not only works to strengthen the immune system, but it is also helpful in reducing inflammation.

Can help prevent cancer
Apples can be important to protect themselves from cancer. Especially if you are one of the smokers. Eating apples regularly helps prevent lung cancer.

May reduce the risk of heart disease
Apple is beneficial in reducing the risk of heart disease.


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