Health tips: are fond of golgapps, so be careful, know the disadvantages of eating it

new Delhi: Who does not like to eat Golgappa? Many people get water only after hearing the talk of Golgappa. Many people drink Golgappa’s water fiercely. Today we are going to tell you in this story that it can make you seriously ill. Let’s know about the harm of eating Golgappa

Losses due to gossip

There can be many types of damage by eating Golgappa. Problems such as diarrhea, dehydration, vomiting, diarrhea, jaundice, ulcers, digestive disturbances, mild or severe pain in the stomach, swelling in the intestines may occur. At the same time, eating Golgappa also causes blood pressure.

Actually, a lot of salt is used in the water of Golgappa, this increases the blood pressure. Many frying oil is used to fry other golgapps, which causes health problems.

Many Golgappas do not take care of hygiene at all, so eat only from Golgappas, where there is cleanliness, everything is covered and the Golgappas should also be fed by wearing gloves. Hygiene has to be taken special care of during the rainy season or else there are many diseases related to the stomach. So try to avoid eating Golgappas in the rain.

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