Health Tips: Be careful, avoid eating these things before sleeping, can cause serious harm

What you are sleeping and eating at night, it affects your health a lot. We should not eat many things before sleeping. Like if you eat more fried then you may have acidity problem at night. Know what to wear during night.

Some people drink tea even before sleeping at night, but this habit can spoil your health. You may have sleep problems by drinking tea before bedtime. Many people have this habit that when they feel hungry at night, they also eat chips. But this habit is not good for your health at all. In fact, high amounts of monosodium glutamate are found in processed food, which can cause insomnia.

Do not sleep even after eating chocolate at night. Chocolate is a source of caffeine, which can be a hindrance to sleep.

Consumption of carnivore should also be avoided before sleeping at night. Actually, non-vegetarian food takes time to digest and eating such food at night can cause stomach problems such as constipation etc. the next day. As far as possible, eat light food at night.

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