Health Tips: Can keep your heart healthy even at home, know easy and simple ways

Various stages of lockdown and unlock have negatively affected our regular routine. The younger generation is busy working from home. In comparison, the elderly population is under pressure to stay at home and is forced to go out for daily activities. In such a situation, it is important that a new plan is made.

If the epidemic is not going to end soon, then we should adopt a new way of life. It is very important to keep the heart healthy because the heart is an organ whose continuation depends on proper nutrition and being physically fit.

Follow the routine- Sleeping and waking at the scheduled time, drinking enough water at intervals of the day and resting during the week holidays will bring a sense of normalcy in life.

Lockdown diet Healthy diet is essential for a healthy heart regardless of age. Increasing the intake of vegetables, fruits and limiting the intake of junk food and red meat can be good for the heart. Drinking enough water is also very important.

Stop smoking, alcohol consumption- Smoking increases oxidative stress leading to blockage in the arteries. Excessive alcohol consumption reduces your immunity and makes you susceptible to infection.

For people aged 39-49

Look at your weight One should try to control weekly weight and waist circumference. Try to keep your BMI between 18.5 and 24.9.

Make the activities interesting If you are living with family, then do household chores and make the activity fun. Spend at least 30 minutes daily in moderate activities like dancing, aerobics or bricks walking.

For ages 50-69

remain active- Avoid sitting for long periods of time. Minor household chores and stretching keeps your heart active.

Pay attention to treatment at the time of need- Take medical care at the time of need. Do not ignore chest pains, shortness of breath, leg swelling or vertigo. All these can be signs of heart disease.

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