Health Tips: Can’t sleep at night? Adopt this solution

New Delhi: There is nothing for a better body than a good sleep. The day’s tiredness and sleep in body cells compensates for sleep. But many people have a serious problem of sleeplessness. Despite fatigue, running away of sleep as soon as you go to bed is not good for your health at all. We are giving you some tips for better sleep which if you adopt, you will be able to sleep peacefully at night.

Actually, there are many reasons for not sleeping. Such as caffeine, excessive consumption of nicotine, consuming any kind of medicine, working continuously, no coordination between office and home. Along with this, stress is the biggest enemy of your sleep. Negative thinking, fear of needlessness and anxiety stimulates your respiratory system, due to which your sleep becomes sleepless.

If you also wake up till midnight and sleep till day, then we tell you about some natural remedies to get a good sleep, which will help you sleep fast and you will also feel energetic. Electronic devices such as TVs and mobile blue lights make your brain look like a day, due to which melatonin hormone does not function properly.

Melatonin hormone is responsible for good sleep. Do not use electronic devices such as mobiles two hours before bedtime, if you are using them, then do it with glasses. This will not affect the light directly on your eyes.

Your circadian rhythm can be regulated by exposure to sunlight during the day. The circadian system, also called the biological clock, is a natural diurnal cycle that regulates patterns of rest and activity. The circadian rhythm helps people maintain regular sleep and waking schedules. You must take sunlight daily.

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