Health Tips: Cashew food causes shocking damage, attacks on heart and kidneys, also increases weight by leaps and bounds

Health Tips: Generally, the taste of dry fruits and especially cashew is liked by everyone. Along with this, cashew is also considered very good for health, but only in limited quantities. If cashew nut is consumed in excess, it can damage your health badly. In such a situation, if you are fond of eating cashew, then this news is for you only. Know further how the consumption of cashew nuts can harm your health.


If you usually have headache or migraine problem then stay away from cashew nut. Cashew contains the amino acids tyramine and phenylethylamine, which can increase your headache by several times.


Cashew is considered to be a high calorie food item, due to which its intake starts increasing your weight. It should be consumed in very limited quantity. 163 calories and 13.1 fat are found in about 30 grams of cashew nuts. Therefore, if you consume cashew nuts regularly or in large quantities, then you will never be able to complete your weight loss goals.

Neutralize drugs

Excessive consumption of cashews makes the medicines in your body ineffective. 3 to 4 cashews contain 82.5mg magnesium. Magnesium from cashew nuts affects diabetes, thyroid, urinary and arthritis medicines.

blood pressure

If a person complains of high blood pressure, cashew nut should not be consumed even after forgetting it. You may not know, but there is sodium in cashew which increases the blood pressure even more. In such a situation, it becomes very difficult to deal with the situation.

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