Health tips: Do not do this immediately after eating, otherwise it will have a bad effect on your health

Health Tips: In today’s run-of-the-mill life, people do not pay much attention to their food and drink. Some people either fall asleep immediately after eating or some people have a habit of drinking tea or coffee after eating. Know that in the unknown people consume many such things which are harmful to our body. Let us know what are the things that we should not do immediately after eating.

Tea and coffee should not be consumed immediately after meals: Tea and coffee should not be consumed immediately after meals. Because it affects our Panchana Kriya and this hinders our Pancharan Kriya. According to the doctors, tea or coffee should not be consumed 1 hour before eating and after 1 hour. Because it produces dangerous chemicals in your body.

Cold Water: Some people are unable to live without drinking water immediately after meals. Too much cold water can harm your health. It can also block the arteries. Drinking water immediately after eating can harm your health.

Do not eat fruits after meals: Consuming fruits is considered best on an empty stomach. Fruit should not be eaten after lunch or dinner or after heavy meal like breakfast. When your stomach is full, but if people eat the fruit at that time, then the stomach will feel very hard to digest these fruits, due to which you will not get enough nutrition of the fruits.

cigarette: Many people call for cigarette smoking immediately after eating food, it is a toxic habit, harmful toxins and chemicals are formed in the body. Cigarettes are also a dirty habit. But it is very harmful after eating food.

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