Health tips: Do not take neck pain lightly, know its risks and methods of prevention

Neck pain is the fourth number leading disability problem worldwide. It can affect everyday life, including feeling productive, sleeping and enjoying family. This is a common problem occurring among the working population. There are many factors that can result in neck pain such as tension, poor posture, obesity, muscle swelling, wounds and arthritis. The best way to deal with neck pain is to reduce it in the first place. Incorporating natural medicine such as massage, herbs, acupuncture and lifestyle improvements can provide great relief from neck pain.

Neck Pain Risk and Control Tips
Common causes of neck pain include muscle strain and nerve pressure. However, symptoms alone cannot indicate which of them is occurring. Muscle strains usually result from poor posture, sleep, tension, or anxiety. Vein pressure may occur at that time, the disc in the spine slips from its position and suppresses the nerves. Regardless of the reason, neck pain cannot be ignored because it can cause disability for a lifetime or forever.

What are the effective methods of fighting neck pain?
The ancient art of yoga has been demonstrated to help people suffering from chronic pain, including neck pain. Research has proved that yoga can improve pain perception, improve mobility and reduce inflammation. Even 15-20 minutes of yoga exercise a day can relieve the body, stretch of muscles, increase blood flow and reduce the possibility of neck pain. There are common yoga postures like marjari asana, bitilasan, balasana, natarajasana, opposite karni, shavasan which can be practiced for neck pain.

Many research has indicated that massage therapy can relieve neck pain. Massage therapy involves running soft tissue using hands. It helps in reducing sore throat, numbness and hardening of hard muscles around the spine and neck.

Lifestyle improvement
Lifestyle improvement plays an important role in the control of neck pain and stiffness. Getting good sleep, keeping the spine in a comfortable position overnight, equal neck exercises and taking breaks in between work are some effective ways to reduce tension on the neck and bring comfort.

Treatment with herbs has been used for centuries against various types of pain. Herbal remedies can be taken with tea, oil can be used, and can be inhaled as aromatherapy. Herbs should be taken under a skilled professional for extreme effect.

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