Health Tips: Do you have gas problem, these home remedies will give you relief

It is common to have gas in the stomach. But many times this problem increases so much that even chest pain starts. The gas goes up in the head and starts coming to the vomit. The problem of acidity can be eliminated through home remedies. Today we are going to tell you some such methods.

Consumption of asafoetida is very effective in controlling the problem of gas, acidity. The problem of acidity can be relieved by drinking asafetida mixed with a glass of warm water.

Cinnamon can also end your gas problem. Boiling cinnamon in water and drinking that water gives relief in gas problem.

Black pepper
Black pepper can also eliminate the problem of gas. Black pepper tea is considered very beneficial for gas.

Garlic can also relieve you of the problem of gas. You can also use raw garlic for acidity.

If there is a problem of gas, then cumin is very useful for you. You can make shikanji by mixing cumin with salad, soup, curd, and black salt.

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