Health Tips: Do you know that these few foods never expire in your kitchen?

Whenever the expiry date has to be thrown away, our heart breaks. The expiry date is printed on the packet. To tell how long the food can be eaten. Food for us becomes unsafe after expiry date. But do you know that some foods are still able to be eaten after reaching the expiry date? Yes, there are some foods that you can keep even after crossing its limit.

Salt- Salt is one of the common ingredients used in our kitchens. Do you know salt is used as a food preservative? It helps the food to keep dehydrate so much that it can be stored for a long time. Old regular salt never gets spoiled. But the salt in which some ingredient like iodine is added, then its age is reduced.

Honey- Many factors contribute to the long duration of honey. The moisture level of honey is low. Other than that, it dehydrates bacteria, due to which it becomes its own protector. Talking here about raw honey and not the honey in which other components are found.

White Rice If it is properly stored in an airtight container away from moisture and heat, then white rice is always good. White rice has a low oil content, which contributes to keeping it safe for a long time.

Sugar- We cannot even imagine our kitchen without this material. Sugar can be stored for a long time but on one condition. It should always be kept away from moisture and heat. You may see a change in the texture of sugar as time passes, but it will not completely expire.

Noodles / Pasta If your pasta is dry or refined flour or maida has been used in the preparation of noodles, then it can stay forever.

Black salt has amazing health benefits, include a pinch of it in your diet.

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