Health tips: dried almonds or soaked almonds, know what will be right for your body in summer?

The more taste that almonds eat, the more it also makes our body strong. Almonds are also the best way to sharpen our mind. And if you belong to India, then you must have fed almonds soaked in water overnight by your parents, grandparents. It is said that eating almonds in this way brightens the mind. So today we are going to tell you which of the soaked and dried almonds are the best for our body.

Soaked Almonds or Raw Almonds?
Heat is going to knock very soon. In this way many people believe that raw almonds should not be eaten during this season. Because raw almonds create heat in our body, due to which boils, piles and many types of diseases can surround our body. Other conditions may occur. According to a report, soaked almonds should be consumed during the summer season as nutrients are easily absorbed by the body. And they do not produce heat in our body. Along with this, soaked almonds increase the number of nutrients and vitamins absorbed by our body.

Benefits of eating soaked almonds-
Eating soaked almonds is very beneficial for the body. By doing this you are eating all the nutritional nutrients along with the almonds. Because the almond peel contains tannin, which prevents the absorption of nutrients. Therefore its peel should be removed before eating. This also makes them easier to digest. You can soak a handful of almonds in a bowl of water for 6-8 hours. Brown colored almonds are often associated with longevity and increased brain capacity. It contains protein, vitamin E, omega 3, fiber in full quantity. They are also considered superfoods due to their nutritional properties.

Reduces the risk of cancer-
Almonds are rich in fiber, which reduces the risk of colon cancer. According to a study released by the National Cancer Institute, high fiber food reduces the likelihood of developing colon cancer. And the flavonoids, phytochemicals and vitamin E present in almonds control the progression of breast cancer cells.

Lowers cholesterol levels
Along with reducing the risk of cancer, almonds are a great source of polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats, which help reduce bad cholesterol levels.

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