Health Tips: Eating onions causes harm, may cause many problems

Health Tips: Onions are used everywhere. Onion is not only eaten in India but is eaten with fervor all over the world. Onion not only makes the food tasty, but it also makes the food aromatic. Onions are eaten in various ways. Some people eat it by adding tempering to vegetables and some people make onion salad and eat it. Some people even make onion chutney and eat it. Onions contain a lot of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. However, there are some disadvantages of onion as well.

Onion side effects

  1. Onion has high amount of fiber. Although fiber is good for the body, but eating too much fiber can cause abdominal pain. In such a situation, people struggling with stomach pain should avoid eating onions.
  2. Eating raw onion as a salad makes it difficult to digest onion, due to which you have to face acidity and heartburn. Naturally fructose is present in plenty inside the onion, causing gas troubles.
  3. Eating too much onion can cause a lot of harm to pregnant women. Eating too much onion can cause a burning sensation in their chest. There may be sour belching, vomiting, nausea, half the problem. Apart from this, they may have many problems.
  4. Eating excessive quantity of onions can lead to problems like low blood sugar. In such a situation, onion should be consumed in small quantities.
  5. After eating raw onion, it can cause bad odor from your mouth, due to which you may be a victim of embarrassment. In such a situation, try to brush onion after eating or do not consume it before going to any meeting.

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