Health Tips: Eating over eating may be expensive, may cause many problems

Health Tips: Due to today’s lifestyle, people get more sick. Most people neither eat on time nor sleep. Also, many people eat excessively while reading or while watching a movie-like favorite serial. Doing this daily can have a bad effect on your health. This thing has been revealed in many research.

Over eating habits can lead to many health related problems ranging from increasing obesity. In Corona era, most people are doing workfrom home, in this case, many people eat more than working while sitting in one place, due to which they may have to face many stomach problems. Food is one of the basic requirements for life. The food that we take helps in the development of the body. Also, it keeps us energetic and develops immunity against diseases.

Healthy food, where it is very important for health. At the same time, eating junk food and more can cause problems related to health. In which overwriting is seen prominently. The main causes of which can be genetic problem, stress and anger etc.

Weight gain and obesity
When you eat more than necessary, it leads to a situation where the body has to do more work to digest food. Which can lead to weight gain and obesity. Which may be the cause of many health concerns.

This news is on the claim of research. ABP News does not confirm this. Before implementing any suggestion or treatment, you must consult your expert.


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