Health Tips: Eating salad at night causes these disadvantages, do you know

New Delhi: People who like healthy food in food are salad lovers. Eating salad is very beneficial for our health. Salad works in our body to deliver the nutrients which are destroyed during cooking.

Lack of vitamins, minerals is not only accomplished through salad, but also the deficiency of fibers in the body. Eating salad is good for health, but most people do not know what is the right way to eat salad? This is the reason why eating salad at times can also be harmful for health. Caution should be exercised in eating salads, especially during the rainy season. If a little carelessness is taken, then you may have to face problems like food poisoning.

If you ask the dietician, he will not advise you to eat salad along with food. If you do this, then it can not harm your health. Dieticians recommend that salads should be eaten before meals. Half an hour before a meal if you eat salad.

The reason behind this is that you feel less hungry while eating food. Because of this you eat less bread or rice, that is, you take less carbohydrates. It helps in controlling your weight. In addition, your body also gets many proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

According to food experts, salt should not be added to salads. If you are adding salt to the salad then use black salt or rock salt. As such, one should not eat chopped salad long time ago but it is important to take special care of this in the rain. Bacteria are more active during the rainy season. Salad should never be left in the open for long. The salad should be avoided even at night. Cucumber should not be eaten at night.

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